First Session, June 2022.

Current Session, October 2023. Click to view full session.

Returning Clients

 This past week my family flew to Wyoming, as that’s where I’m from. During this time, I spent the week doing shoots every single day. One of my returning clients was Audrianna, who had booked with me months before during an unexpected trip to Wyoming. This time we were doing a fall session on Casper Mountain at Beartrap.

Audrianna and Aaron have been together for JUST shy of 2 years now, and I love working with them because you can tell they flow well together and really balance each other out. Sometimes my prompts can seem a little strange, but the two of them always trust my process and I LOVE showing them photos in camera so they can see that even the unedited original images are looking gorgeous.

This session they added Koda to their little family, and while he looks absolutely cute and calm in their session photos, he was DEFINITELY insane during the in between moments, spending a lot of time doing “zoomies” around us, and even trying to photo bomb a few shots. Any time someone asks about bringing their dog to a session, I encourage it! But I also remind clients to be realistic about how well dogs can be posed during sessions – unless they’re a trained pro of course! I have a few “tricks” to get the shot, but dogs are smart, and they definitely live on a different schedule.

Overall, I am very happy I was able to show these clients the growth I strive for and deliver them even better images than before! They trusted the process and there’s truly nothing more I could ask for. I can’t wait to have more sessions with them in the future as they continue to grow themselves and as a beautiful couple.