Where you go matters!

Your session or event has ended, you’ve waited patiently for the notification that your gallery is ready, and now you’ve fallen in love with them and want to get the photos printed. Where is best? This is a question most photographers get asked by their clients. Where should I get my photos printed? Can I get them printed at a place like Walmart, CVS or Shutterfly? Why do they look so different when I receive them? 

The short answer is – yes, technically you CAN order your physical prints from these places, but chances are you don’t want to for your professional photos. There are numerous reasons to steer clear of consumer printing services and go straight to the professional lab. When your photography is editing photos, they are usually doing some color wizardry to give your photos that little extra spice. When you take these same photos and print them at a place like Walmart where they’re using very basic equipment. The person behind the counter is doing very little in terms of preparing these images, and most is determined by their automated system. At a professional lab, they are employed solely for the dedication of making sure you receive the highest quality images – just like your photographer. They are double checking your order before it ever makes it to. 

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"The Color Pros"

The higher-grade technology and colour experts allow you to receive images with much more clarity. Often with a consumer grade printing service you will find that the images are dull, flat, or lifeless. Professional labs are using professional grade equipment and products from the paper to the ink to the printer. The paper is going to be more durable and crisper. The image is going to be more vibrant and better reflect what you see on your screen. They are also going to be able to offer various papers and finishes to enhance your images.

It's cheaper to go to Walmart. It’s true. But remember, you get what you pay for! Cheaper is not always better. When you choose to go the cheaper route, they aren’t guaranteeing quality with color accuracy. Often, you end up spending more in the long run. The cost of reprints begins to add up very quickly, and the disappointment in quality generally pushes clients to the professional lab in the end - with money wasted. 

If you spend the money to hire a quality professional photographer, don’t skimp on the printing services to follow! You have so many options available with a pro printing lab, it’s extremely beneficial to utilize them. Give your art the justice it deserves after making the investment to receive them! 

Find some of my favorite labs below! And no - I don't get any credit for sharing these with you, they're really just my go to!